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    The Basics of Link Directories

    Date Added: 2010-06-24 20:22:56
    Author: Administrator
    Category: Directories

    Link directories are among the oldest ways of putting information in order on the internet. The directories use a kind of subject or theme 'tree' to create a sort of chain of command of various categories, sub-categories as well as sites. When you manage to get your site listed in different link directories, you will generate quality backlinks for your website. You should look to get your website listed in one of the leading link directories as per the following list. The list has the directory's Google Page Rank as well as its Alexa Traffic rating.

    • Yahoo Directory - - (Google Page Rank- 9, Alexa ranking - 3)
    • (Google Page Rank - 8, Alexa ranking - 605)
    • (Google Page Rank - 7, Alexa ranking - 1,938)
    • (Google Page Rank 6, Alexa ranking - 28,750)
    • (Google Page Rank 4, Alexa ranking 24,101)

    The best Alexa Ranking and Good Page Rank that you should always aim at is 1 and 10 respectively. It goes without saying that the better the figures the more targeted traffic reaches the link directory meaning that your chances of getting found on the internet will be increased considerably.

    While Dmoz premium links directory is free for all, Yahoo link directory expects people to pay some annual fee for sites to get listed. Those who have been in the business for long and know the impact of link directories on websites advice that you still pay the fee if you can because it gives such a significant boost to your site's rankings that you cannot ignore. As for Dmoz, there is very high competition and the directory is very strict on the sites it accepts. You should always ensure you read the terms of service and the submission guidelines of different link directories before you start attempting to get listed.

    With that said, you must be wondering why you should really get your website listed on a link directory in the first place. Many people prefer a link directory as it allows users have more control on their searches. They particularly come in handy if you aren't very sure of the exact keywords to use, say for example if the keywords you are trying to use are not working. Link directory websites such as Yahoo or Dmoz have the provision of allowing you to navigate easily through a sequence of options, as your choices narrow down until you find the exact information that you are looking for.

    Webmasters are also set to benefit even further from link directories. The high quality links that you get from the directories will significantly boost your rankings. For starters, backlinks are thought to be quality links when they direct the searcher from the link to information on your site. Because the backlinks will be well sorted, they will be very much related to the content on the site, especially if you use your major keywords in the actual backlink text. As a result, not only will you get targeted traffic, you will notice a significant increase in your search engine rankings.

    The link directory is a good example of a General SEO Link Directory. A Travel and Vacation Link Directory is located at

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